About Us

Adann Global Services Limited Provides The Best Tools For Household Supplies.

Suppliers, Manufacturers Representative ,Sales and services of Home, Office & Industrial Air -Conditioners and Cold- Rooms with accessories

Adann Global Services Ltd  was registered  in Nigeria  in 2003. We sell and service Air-conditioners and Refrigeration equipment.  We are authorized distributor for LG and PANASONIC (Malaysia) and other world class brands. We are poised to meeting your needs  with  world class  HVACR products  covering a wide spectrum. Our products are of high quality and built with latest technology that promotes efficiency at both  power  and environmental friendliness.    

We sell, install and service ranges of complete Air-condition units and accessories  of   Window, Split , Floor standing, Cassette, Cold-room , Precision and Absorption  chillers (Electric and Non electric)  for  Homes,  Industries , Business  and public offices,   Hotels, Hospitals, Petrochemical Plants,  Shopping Malls and Halls, Communication equipments   Food preservation and storage facilities.etc.

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